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Born To Be A DJ

March 15, 2017

DJ P1: 

It all started in DJ Freedom Fighter's room. We were 16. The turntables were set, and I instantly gravitated toward them. It was like looking at the light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking was not involved, and a higher state of consciousness was reached. New ambitions were achieved that day, and a DJ was b-b-b-born.

Two years later, 1996, while in the military, my first "DJ in a box" was ordered, courtesy of Music Factory, NYC. First vinyl bought- Wu Tang Forever album, and for only $21.99 a monster was born. 

"Don't Touch the Turntable!"

February 14, 2017

DJ Freedom Fighter:

I was 8 years old. Aunty would let me listen to records, but the rule was “Don’t touch the turntable.” She knew I was into music, and particularly interested in vinyl records. At the time, I didn’t even really understand what all of it was, or what kind of impact it would make on my life.

That fateful day happened. I was left home alone. The curiosity took over, and I broke the rule. Images from the YMCA B-Boy battles took over. While everyone was watching the B-Boys, I watched the guy in the background, the DJ. Images of “Breaking Hawaii” ran through my mind. It happened. I put the record on the table- Run DMC- Raising Hell: It’s Tricky. Baby scratch, “ju-ga-ju-ga-ju-ga-joog.”

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